French general practitioners’ willingness to prescribe mHealth apps and devices: a quantitative study

JMIR mHealth and uHealth (à paraitre)

Claire Della Vecchia, Tanguy Leroy, Charlotte Bauquier, Myriam Pannard, Aline Sarradon-Eck, Jean Charles Dufour, Marie Préau

Analysis of the regulatory, legal, and medical conditions for the prescription of mobile health applications in the United States, the European Union, and France

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Hassanaly P, Dufour JC

A Mhealth co-evaluated by physicians and patients integrated to the medical consultation through decision support

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Attitudes of General Practitioners Toward Prescription of Mobile Health Apps: Qualitative Study

JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2021;9(3):e21795) doi: 10.2196/21795

Aline Sarradon-Eck, Tiphanie Bouchez, Lola Auroy4, Matthieu Schuers, David Darmon

Evaluation of automatic annotation by a multi-terminological concepts extractor within a corpus of data from family medicine consultations.

 IJMI (Volume 133 January 2020)

Siefridt Charlotte, Grosjean Julien, Lefebvre Tatiana, Rollin Laétitia, Darmoni Stéfan, Schuers Matthieu.

ApiAppS: A Project to Study and Help Practitioners in Recommending mHealth Apps and Devices to Their Patients

MedInfo 2019 — Lyon, France — 25-30 August 2019 — 17th World Congress of Medical and Health Informatics

Jean-Charles Dufour, Julien Grosjean, Stéfan Darmoni, Mobin Yasini, Guillaume Marchand, Christian Simon, Aline Sarradon, Marie Préau, David Darmon, Matthieu Schuers, Parina Hassanaly, Roch Giorgi

Patients’ Perceptions of mHealth Apps: Meta-Ethnographic Review of Qualitative Studies

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Impact des objets connectés de santé sur la gestion des maladies chroniques

Conférence internationale : Data Value Chain in Science and Territories. CoData France. 14-15 mars 2019. Paris.

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The digitally engaged doctor : the discourse and the reality

SGA-SSE-SSA Annual Congr. Zurich. (2018)

L. Auroy, A. Sarradon-Eck
Abstract / Commentaire

The notion of knowledge has a long and contested history in anthropology: starting from early debates on "primitive knowledge" and studies of magic, science and religion, to diverse cognitivist approaches, analyses of the relation between power and knowledge, and ethnographies of science and expertise in the making. As such, one may argue with Boyer that "the problem of 'knowledge' has always been at the center of anthropological attention" (2005: 142).